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Canvas Tarps

Nasus Supply canvas tarps can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from painting to sports and camping. They also offer some benefits that aren’t available in vinyl or poly tarps. Canvas is available in colors "tan" or "olive drab".

Canvas tarps:

  • Are heavy enough to stay in place without using complicated taping or securing

  • Fit well over curved surfaces

  • Are less slippery than plastic tarps, making them safer and less of a risk for injury due to falls

  • Make great tents at a fraction of the cost of a retail tent— just add a few straps and poles!

  • Are environmentally friendly

  • Have naturally breathable fabric, which allows evaporation so moisture doesn’t linger to cause bacteria growth

  • Protect delicate surfaces like hardwood floor while people walk on it.

  • Absorb paint without letting it leak through, while keeping a soft, dry surface on the bottom of the canvas.

  • Hold up well even in strong winds making them perfect for many uses such as ship sails and truck tarps.

  • Can be used to keep football fields and baseball diamonds dry during inclement weather

Not only do our canvas tarps have hundreds of uses, but they can also be reused hundreds of times! Store one in the trunk of your car, your utility closet, your garage, and anywhere else a sturdy, dependable tarp might come in handy!

Nasus Supply Canvas tarps are made in the USA of 100% cotton canvas and are treated to be water and rot-resistant.

Contact us for more information.

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