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FEMA Storm Tarps

Our hurricane tarps are 20’ x 25’ and are used by FEMA after major storms. Each tarp is packed with two 100” 500 lb. test parachute chords for tie-down. They are lightweight, economical, reusable, and easy to assemble.

Even if you aren’t in the path of a major storm system, you could be at risk of high winds, flash rainfall or hail that could do serious damage to valuable possessions.

Nasus Supply FEMA Hurricane Storm Tarps are blue polyethylene, perfect for quick coverage of a damaged roof after storms. They can also be used to protect windshields on vehicles, topsoil or seed in planting zones, and other areas that need to be covered during severe weather.  

It may be impossible to predict the weather, but it is possible to be prepared. And having a supply of blue tarps close at hand will ensure that you’re ready in the if severe weather occurs. After a storm, tarps can provide coverage on broken windows until they can be fixed or replaced. And when attached properly to your roof, these tarps will keep out water and help protect the interior of a home from further damage. To secure your tarps in place, you may want to check out our tie down straps and bungee cords.

For questions or ordering information, contact us at 573.619.4115 or email today.

Nasus Supply has been supplying tarps and other industrial covers to customers across the country for more than 20 years. In addition to our FEMA Hurricane Storm Tarps, we offer vinyl tarps, polyethylene tarps, fire retardant tarps, canvas tarps, and camouflage tarps.

Our central Missouri location means faster shipping along with our Made in the USA quality. Whether you need something from our standard stock or a custom size, we've got you covered.

Contact us for more information.

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