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Truck Tarps

Nasus Supply's American made truck tarps offer the durability needed by the commercial transportation industry. 

Our heavy-duty truck tarps are manufactured with 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester for water resistance and strength and feature heat-sealed seams and double lock-stitched hems. Heavy, welded-style D-rings can be tack-stitched in for extra durability.

Nasus Supply truck tarps and equipment covers are constructed with quality materials to withstand all the conditions the open road throws their way, from extreme temperatures to heavy winds and rain. Our tarps come in a variety of sizes and colors for commercial transportation applications, such as:

  • Flatbed trailers—truck tarps are used on flatbed trailers for transporting appliances, furniture, and other large materials.

  • Dump trucks—truck tarps keep construction materials, grains, fertilizer, and other goods stored and dry during transport.

  • Machines and tools— truck tarps double as equipment covers for large and small machines and tools.

  • Construction materials—truck tarps protect loads from external pollution such as exhaust smoke. Tarps can also prevent the distracting whistle noise created by strong winds, especially when large pipe loads are being transported.

Call or email us to get a quote, we are happy to help you decide what product will be the best fit for you!

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