Strip Doors & Curtains

  • Gym Divider

    Gym Divider Curtains are made using Flame Retardant Vinyl on the lower portion and Flame Retardant Vinyl Mesh on the top. Gym divider curtains are ideal for separating your work spaces. Available in clear, solid and mesh materials or a combination of all three. All materials meet California Flame Requirements & NFPA 701 Large & Small Scale. Call for details.


  • Paint Booth & Warehouse Divider Curtains


    These curtains are made with an 13 or 18 oz. flame retardant vinyl and are available in combination with a clear PVC window that is also flame retardant. Chain can be sewn in the bottom hem to provide light wind resistance. Both materials meet California Fire Marshall (CFM) standards for flame resistance. The clear material is not meant for welding purposes. Our weldview material can be substituted if a welding application is needed.

  • PVC Strip Doors


    Conserve energy, eliminate drafts and reduce noise levels, affordably. Flexible PVC strips are durable and easy to install. Clear strips are available in smooth or “ribbed” anti-scratch materials in widths to 16 inches and thickness to .160”. Bronze and orange welding strips are available in widths of 8” and 12”.

    Order complete door systems from the accompanying chart. Units include appropriate number of strips and convenient universal mounting hardware. Please contact our sales office for sizes not listed as well as bronze welding strip curtain systems. Overlap - generally - 8” use 50% overlap; 12” use 2/3 overlap; for noise control full overlap recommended

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